Life is challenging and we may feel unable to cope at times. Feelings like sadness, anger, worry, and loneliness, or traumatic life events may overwhelm us. Perhaps we struggle to change problematic patterns of thought and behaviour or we might simply feel out of balance and seek greater insight and meaning into life. Psychotherapy can help.

I believe psychotherapy should be a unique opportunity to openly speak, think and experience feelings with someone trained to help make sense and provide relief. My approach is, at heart, focussed around the needs of the person; non-judgemental and collaborative in nature, where together we seek to better understand difficulties in relation to one’s life. My training in psychodynamic as well as cognitive-behavioural therapies allows flexibility in best meeting the particular needs of the person.

We begin with an assessment, typically 2-3 sessions, to gain a basic understanding of the key issues in relation to your life. The duration of therapy is largely determined by the reason for seeking help and therapeutic objectives in this regard. Therapy may be of a shorter-term duration of a few months, or of a more open-ended, longer-term nature.

Sessions are 50 minutes long, once per week (unless otherwise indicated).

Registered Clinical Psychologist | HPCSA Reg No. PS0127027 | Practice No. 0622826

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